Digital advertising in cross-channel communications

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Advertising has passed a long way of development and today it is no longer limited to the printed press, static billboards, radio and television commercials. Digital technology has started a completely new era of digital advertising, which allows marketers and advertisers to target audiences with great precision. To meet the needs and expectations of customers who gain new personal experience through involvement in the process of continuous network communication advertisers make use of digital technologies that continue to develop intensively. Based on technological advances, new advertising technologies employ tracking methods to produce tailor-made advertisements that meet specific needs of customers, and new advertising platforms that can host new types of ads with dynamic content provide endless opportunities for marketers and advertisers. This paper will explore the key trends in the segment of digital advertising. In the process of this research methods of desk research and expert interviews were used. The received results can be used for updating of strategy and structure of marketing communications of the enterprises, their marketing budgets; in the educational process and for the further deepening of scientific and applied research.


Digital advertising, media channels, advertising market trends

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IDR: 140229919   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-4-297-305

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