Esse, ens and essentia in the metaphysics of st. Albert the great

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The article focuses on the interpretation of such fundamental concepts of medieval philosophy as esse, ens, substantia, essentia in the philosophy of Albert the Great. The author offers two main versions of the meaning of esse: (1) the act of essence (id quod est) as the diffusion of forms on everything that exists and (2) the act of being. However, the duality of the meaning of esse in the works of Albert the Great and the lack of a clear demarcation between these meanings prevents the author from coming to a conclusion on which of them was preferred by the Medieval philosopher.

Albert the great, esse, ens, essentia, existence, first cause, substance

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IDR: 170175879   |   DOI: 10.24866/1997-2857/2018-4/90-99

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