The theological understanding of the old testament historicism: key topics

Автор: Legeyev Mikhail Viktorovich, Dobykina Anastasia Alekseevna

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Рубрика: Теология

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The Bible is the first source of understanding of history in the modern sense of the word, suggesting such characteristics of “history” as the presence of interactions and social processes, expediency and meaningfulness, formation and progress. The idea of history as a way of being of man and humanity - in their inevitable and vital relationship with God - is laid from the first lines of the Holy Scriptures, invariably preserved throughout his story. The Old Testament “introduces into circulation” the whole complex of key historical-theological themes and a historian (historical-theological images), which will later be revealed in the New Testament in its ultimate content. Among them - and related to the very nature of history as a way of creature being of man, and the idea of its expediency, linearity and integrity; themes and images attributable to the sacred history as a core- forming process in the universal history of the world - permeation by its relationship with God, but also the meaning of a human figure in it...


Theology of history, church, bible, biblical historicism, historiosophy of the church, biblical theology, historical books

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IDR: 140246692   |   DOI: 10.24411/1814-5574-2019-10022

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