Business plan - one of the methods of strategic planning

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The article examines the problems that arise when developing a business plan that includes goals, objectives, and market analysis. Along with this, it considered the importance of resources required to achieve these goals. An essential necessity in the business plan appears mainly in the time when there is an urgent need for a third-party financial support. In addition, the article considers the main goals and objectives of preparing a business plan. Here is key information that is provided to any investor or other person interested in the project. Business planning helps the entrepreneur to find the answers to the various questions concerning the products, resources, market demand, costs and much more. The article provides an analysis of difficulties encountered in the preparation of a business plan. As business planning is considered from the point of view of attracting investment. Gives examples of how and how not to do things in the search for investment. In addition to the benefits from the use of the business plan, attention is drawn to the sad consequences of the business planning. The purpose of this article is to reveal the contents of the business plan, as one of methods of strategic planning.


Business plan, strategic planning, strategy, financial resources, means investors capital

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