Biosynthesis of glucoamylase, amino acids, fatty acids, lipids by thermotolerant and mesophilic strains of the genus aspergillus at different temperatures

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Active enzyme synthesis micromycetes thermotolerance at elevated temperatures incentives presence of acidic amino acids in the medium. In mesophilic micromycetes increased content of unsaturated fatty acids and reduced enzyme activity The effect of elevated temperature on the biosynthesis of glucoamylases and quantitative changes of some low molecular weight components in cells Aspergillus fungi. The object of the Exploration were taken micromycetes Aspergillus awamori WUD-T-2 and Aspergillus awamori Czech strain. Strains were cultivated for 96 hours at temperatures of 30, 40, 45 ° C in 750 cm3 flasks on shuttel - unit with a frequency of rotation of the 4-to-1. It has been established that the increase of the temperature of cultivation thermotolerance micromycetes from 30 to 45 ° C in those chenie 96 h increases intracellular content of amino acids, especially glutamic and aspartic and mono acyl glyceride and polar lipids, triglycerides of fatty acids having an even number of carbon atoms. Increasing the temperature of cultivation thermotolerance strain helped to increase the content of these lipid fractions; at mesophilic strain their content decreased at 45 oC. In the mycelium of the fungus Aspergillus awamori WUD-T-2, an increase in temperature causes an increase in the synthesis of palmitic and stearic acids, linoleic and linoene decreases. From a strain of Aspergillus awamori stкфшт Czech amounts of saturated fatty acids has changed little, is unsaturated - is reduced. Glucoamylase activity in the mycelium and culture fluid thermotolerance achievement-a maximum at 45 ° C, in the mesophile - at 40 oC. Thus, at supraoptimal temperatures culturing Aspergillus awamori WUD-T-2 is enhanced metabolic processes producing by hydrophobic interactions and s-amino acids with the ionized-COOH groups increased content of saturated fatty acids, thereby increasing biosynthesis glucoamylase, which was not observed in mesophyll strain.


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