Optimization of the process of mixing liquid-phase heterogeneous products

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The leading direction in the field of nutrition is the creation of a range of products that contribute to improving health when they are used daily in the diet. The urgency of studying bovine colostrum-colostrum, which is an immune-modeling animal raw material, has been substantiated. Colostrum is a natural source of all the ingredients needed to build immunity. Biologically active substances contained in cow colostrum contribute to: restoration of immunity; restoration of the intestines and stomach; strengthening the nervous system; renewal of brain cells; improving emotional tone and mood; increasing vitality and performance; slowing down the aging process; protection against diseases of the intestines and stomach, cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, diabetes, allergies, osteoporosis and a number of other diseases. Colostrum contains a minimum of 37 immune factors and 8 growth factors that help the body fight disease and promote good health and longevity. The classes of immunoglobulins contained in colostrum, which represent the bulk of whey proteins, have been studied. Colostrum is a limited source of raw materials, its production period is short, there are many opportunities for industrial use, but due to the small amount of raw materials, the market remains undeveloped, with the exception of food additives. Taking into account the extensive therapeutic and medicinal properties of colostrum, its unique composition and properties, its composition and physicochemical properties were investigated, the fractionation parameters were determined using various systems. To process the experimental studies, the STATISTICA 12 software package was used. To obtain the regression equation, the matrix data were processed using the Microsoft Excel 2010 software package. The analysis of the data obtained indicates the possibility and prospects of using colostroma in food production technology.


Fermented milk drinks, colostrum, immunoglobulins, composite bases, animal raw

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IDR: 140257323   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-204-210

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