Biologically active supplements and their effect on the human body

Автор: V.N. Eremenko, V.A. Pitkin, O.V. Sinko, V.V. Dorochenko, E.A. Olkhovatov

Журнал: Вестник Воронежского государственного университета инженерных технологий @vestnik-vsuet

Рубрика: Пищевая биотехнология

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Our vast world is growing and developing in all sorts of ways. A person becomes much more demanding to the conditions that surround him, as well as to himself. But what remains virtually unchanged in our lives? To this question, we can answer that this is our body. Whatever external changes occur, but as long as we are referred to the genus "people", as well as to the species "intelligent man", most of all physical and chemical processes in our body are still the same as hundreds of years ago. We consume the necessary components of food that our body requires, produce energy, and live off it. But no matter how much information a person has "in front of his nose "that he could master and, at least, live on the principle of" do not harm yourself", he will always seek to find ways of least resistance. This article will focus on sports supplements. We did not say a number of points in the paragraph above for nothing. The fact is that in the age of information technology, people become attached to appearance, and the leading positions are occupied by most successful individuals who constantly have to keep themselves in shape. The desire sometimes begets ill-considered. We are sure that most of the statistics on diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and Central nervous system are associated with incorrect principles of introduction of certain products into the diet, and sometimes even their complete exclusion (cases of anorexia). The question of sports food supplements stirred us up after one of the students addressed us with the phrase: "I started classes in the gym. What sports supplements do I need to take to get in shape?". Of course, we are already dizzy even with a single memory of this issue, but we will deal with it in detail in this article. Our goal is to convey to readers: what are sports supplements, why they are needed, how they affect the body and "what they are eaten with"?


Sports, sports supplements, nutrition, training process, metabolism, catabolism, anabolism, amino acids, protein, energy

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IDR: 140259863   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-68-72

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