Automatic optimization of oilseeds pressing process for technical and economic indicators

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One of the reserves of fuel and energy resources saving in the production of oil extraction is the improvement of equipment energy-intensive modes, and forepress in particular. Therefore the authors used an efficient energy saving method, based on the optimization of the oilseeds pressing in the forepress on technical and economic indicator. Specific heat and energy losses were used as the optimization criterion. We propose an automatic optimization of the two-stage pressing, including the measuring of oil content in the seeds of the original material and expeller oilcake, initial product temperature, flow rate of the initial product and oil output in the first stage pressing in forepress and the second stage extracting in the spin expeller. Additionally, the steam is fed in the tank roaster, mean-integral product temperature in the roaster and after it is measured, steam flow rate and power consumption of regulated forepress drive is determined. From the measured oil content values of the starting material and expeller oilseed cake the current value of their ratio is determined. Depending on it the frequency of screw rotation is set in forepress by influencing the power of forepress regulated drive with the correction of ratio of oil content on the current pressure in the press nip. According to the temperature of the initial product the steam flow with the correction by value of mean-integral temperature in the tank roaster is determined. When the pressure reaches its maximum value the speed of the forepress screw is reduced, and the heating temperature of the product in the area of tank roaster is stabilized by changing the steam flow in it with the correction of the current value of the temperature of the starting material.


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