Apple, Samsung и Android Pay: features of contactless mobile payment systems and the prospects for their implementation in Russia

Автор: Silaeva Anna A., Ignatenkov Georgij K.

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Рубрика: Общество и сервис: современные проблемы

Статья в выпуске: 3 (73), 2017 года.

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In recent years, the several trends are stable: growth in sales through mobile phones, increasing the share of cashless payments, access to the market for electronic payment companies that have never provided financial services before, and the simplification of tariff schedules. An important trend is the emergence of mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Sam- sung Pay. Unfortunately, there are many myths around such services, as well as misunderstandings about how they work, for what they are in need, what they bring to the market, and whether they bring security and confidentiality. The presented material is devoted to the development of innovative technol- ogies and services in the field of electronic payments. The relevance of the declared issue is determined by the active development of contactless pay- ment technology in Russia, which is a good example of a symbiosis of the bank's work, payment system and telephone. Contactless payment with a mobile phone will be a step towards a denial of cash. The article reveals the essence of these payment systems, the features of their use, the competitive advantages of contactless mobile payment systems. Also, the authors discusses the implementation of these payment systems in Russia's realities, notes the problems that they may face in the process of implementation and use. The article uses methods of strategic analysis, con- tent analysis, analysis of documents and observations. The features of the introduction and development of contactless mobile pay- ment systems identified during the research can be considered as a basis for further research in this field.


Nfc-технологии, information technologies, payment systems, mobile payment systems, contactless payments, nfc-technologies

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IDR: 140205565   |   DOI: 10.22412/1995-042X-11-3-11

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