Analysis of foreign technologies for the functional meat products'

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Dietary fibers (DF) are defined as the lignin and polysaccharide components of plants that are not digested by enzymes in the human's digestive tract. The use of DF is recommended by physicians because of their impact on reducing the risk of diabetes, colon cancer, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Functional products are products used to prevent and treat certain diseases. The development of functional meat products is an innovative focus area in the food industry, which has an extremely important practical value and social efficiency. The development of new generation of meat products, functional food and products enriched with functional components is associated with the rapid development of the industry of food additives and ingredients, as well as creation of new technologies and equipment in the food industry. One of the most popular trends in the development of functional products is the addition of dietary fibers. Dietary fibers are the components (amino acids, peptides and proteins, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, oligosaccharides, sugars/alcohols, glucosides, etc...


Dietary fiber, functional food, meat products

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IDR: 140238563   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-189-194

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