Analysis of perception of creolized texts with figurative and non-figurative images

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It is devoted to the analysis of the problem of perception of creolized texts, in the form of which almost all speech utterances functioning in society exist. The definition of creolized texts is given. The contribution of the verbal and non-verbal parts to the content of creolized texts is revealed. An attempt is made to establish differences in the perception characteristics of figurative and non-figurative (abstractionist) images, accompanied by texts containing authentic descriptions of non-verbal fragments. To analyze the perception of creolized texts, the method of semantic differential C. Osgood is used. The procedure for calculating the text creolization coefficient is substantiated.


Creolized texts, figurative images, genetic translation, perceptual standards, text creolization coefficient

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IDR: 148309422   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V925X.19.03.P.047

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