Analysis of sports injuries of water polo players of different qualification

Автор: Kudryashova Y., Rovniy D., Kudryashov E.

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Sports injuries are an integral part of the training and competitive activity of athletes of almost all specializations. Increased injury rate is most often noted in team sports, where there is a contact with other players, manifested in the pressure of one player to another. The game process takes place in water environment, resulting in a different number of strokes, pushes and grabs, hidden from the eyes of a judge. A professional water polo player is very good at owning a whole arsenal of different martial arts. As a result of such intense actions during the game, almost every athlete is injured. In this regard, the problem of sports injuries among water polo players of different qualifications remains relevant and requires detailed research. In this paper, the analysis of clinical and morphological signs of injuries in water polo, as well as the study of mechanogenesis and frequency of injuries among athletes of different qualifications have been conducted. Also, the frequency of injuries in water polo has been estimated by analyzing four different areas of the body: a head, a spine, upper limbs and lower limbs...


Highly qualified water polo players, functional motor asymmetry sport injuries, water polo

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