Materials on the disinfection activities of specialized institutions in the Russian Federation according to the federal statistics observation form no 27 «Information on disinfection activity in 2012». Report ii

Автор: Osipova N.Z., Tsarenko V.A., Cherniavskaya O.P., Vereschagin A.I.

Журнал: Пест-Менеджмент. Pest Management @pest-management

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Статья в выпуске: 4 (88), 2013 года.

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The analysis of the statistics data recorded in the Form No 27 «Information on disinfection activity in 2012» for 2010-2012 on disinfection and sterilization condition in medicoprophylactic institutions, public health organizations equipment by sterilizing apparatus and disinfection facilities, as well as indicators of bacteriological and chemical control for medical items sterilization was conducted. The data concerning providing the Russian Federation subjects by sanitary inspection rooms and antipediculosis measures are shown.

Disinfection institutions, deratization, disinsection and disinfection measures, statistics data

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