Analysis of market: methodological aspect

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A methodology for analyzing the agricultural market has been proposed. The concept of the market model from the standpoint of the dynamic equilibrium of supply and demand is described, a technique based on variational deviations of trends is proposed. Approbation shows the practical usefulness of the results obtained in the analysis and management of the cabbage market. The interrelation between the gross volume and the price of cabbage is established, the gradient and nature of market equlbrium are revealed, and the perspective of the cabbage market in the Russian Federation is described. The proposed analysis methodology considers markst modeling as a dynamic equlbrium mechanism of supply and demand, it is a method based on variational deviations of trends. Approbation confirms the practical utilty of the results for analyzing and managing the cabbage market. In the course of testing, it was established that the amplitude of price fluctuations with the current increase in gross production characterizes the cabbage market as developing; the market offer of each thousand tons of cabbage can change the price by 0...


Agricultural economics, agrarian market, cabbage market, methodology, theory of economics, perspective, equilibrium model

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IDR: 140238396   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2018-6-47-49

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