Analysis of the organizations accounts payable of the Kalmykia Republic

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The article shows the organizationsaccounts payableof the Republic of Kalmykia as one of the most important elements of financial analysis as a separate organization, industry and the whole region. The dynamic changes in accounts payable on the basis of statistical datawere analyzed. It was revealed that the vast majority of overdue accounts payable was formed in housing and communal services. We carried outthe structural analysis of overdue debt composition and revealed the ways of its control. In order to identify the most "vulnerable" areas of economic activity from non-payment, the share of overdue debt to the total amount of debt by industry was considered. To assess the timeliness of payments of enterprises on obligations and the quality of accounts payable, we performed the analysis of the share of overdue accounts payable in its total volume. On thatbasiswe found out the approaches to optimizing the management of accounts payable, leading to the growth of financial results and further development of the economy of the Republic of Kalmykia...


Accounts payable, accounts receivable, analysis, overdue debt, control, debt restructuring

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IDR: 140238589   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-351-357

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