The analysis of using the industrial capacity of the Volgograd region

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The article analyzes the dynamics of industry development in the Volgograd region in comparison with common national trends. The authors determine regional territories in the rating of Russian subjects according to production indices in the fields of mining, manufacturing, production and the distribution of electricity, gas and water. According to the results of the analysis, the authors reveal instability and slowing of the development of mining and manufacturing industries in the region. On the basis of federal statistical data, the authors evaluate the level of using semiannual production capacity of factories which specialize in release of certain kinds of production relating to manufacturing economic activity. This evaluation is aimed at providing informational support to authorities and determining the reserves of industrial growth in the Volgograd region. The authors also conduct the comparative analysis of the capacity utilization degree in the Volgograd region and in Russia as a whole.


Production index, industrial capacity, production capacity, operating capacity utilization, regional economy, industrial manufacture

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IDR: 14970985   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2014.2.2

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