Analysis of the investment potential of the Voronezh region

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Investment processes, being an integral part of the market economy, have a significant impact on macroeconomic indicators, tax potential, financial stability, economic growth, competitiveness of the investment object, the region and the state as a whole. Therefore, such economic categories as "investment", "investment attractiveness", "investment climate" are of interest as an object of research for many theoretical scientists and practical economists. To a large extent, ensuring the economic security of the country is characterized by the creation of an effective system for organizing control over financial activities in the state, which limits the outflow of capital from the national economy. In this regard, a comprehensive solution to the legal, political and administrative task of protecting national interests is required. The priority in the national security system is the economic security of the state, characterized by the presence of a steadily developing economy. The key indicator of the "economic health" of the state is the presence of a favorable investment climate, which is characterized by the ratio of investment attractiveness and investment risks, which is manifested in the scale, structure and dynamics of investment processes. Current trends that indicate instability, unfavorable market conditions and lack of transparency in investment activities in the Russian context confirm the relevance and timeliness of this study. The information base of the research is the normative and legislative acts of the Russian Federation; the main scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists within the studied problem field; official materials and operational information of Rosstat; materials of scientific and practical conferences, periodicals and the Internet.)


Investment potential, investment attractiveness, investment risk, economic security

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IDR: 140261159   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-291-299

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