Analysis and ranging of the factors of formation and development of innovative behaviour in organizations

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The article considers t the problem of determination of the degree of influence of a number of factors on formation of innovative behavior of employees and their groups in organizations. According to the authors’ opinion, innovative activity of employees requires, on the one hand, their own abilities and motivation, and on the other hand, readiness of the organization and provision of necessary resources for employees both for creation and implementation of ideas and projects. The authors do not deny the influence of the national business culture on the features of innovative behavior and point out the need to take into account these features. However, they deny the existence of national features that obviously make innovation development of one country easier than others, and therefore consider the experience of different countries worthy of study, but at the same time its implementation is considered possible only after a critical rethinking for existing conditions. The authors point out that innovative behavior of employees is formed under the influence of factors that can be conditionally divided into those dependent and independent of management actions, the former being of particular interest due to the possibility of controlling them...


Innovative behaviour, strategy, factors, stimulation, relations, corporate culture

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IDR: 140238678   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-3-478-488

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