Analysis of the dynamics of international trade operations in the market of vegetables and fruits in Russia

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Relevance. The structure of the food market is represented by various types of products, of which the largest share is taken by the fruit and vegetable sector. In the conditions of a tense political situation in the world and the establishment of barriers in foreign trade, agriculture is a strategically important branch of the Russian economy. Today, the fruit and vegetable sector of the Russian economy does not fully satisfy the needs of the population for vegetables and fruits. This is evidenced by the fact that the domestic market does not provide the population with high-quality vegetables and fruits, creates favorable conditions for filling it with foreign goods, which constitute about 35% of the consumer basket of Russians. All this leads to the need for additional analysis to identify trends in the development of the Russian market for fruits and vegetables and to identify priority areas for its development. Methods. The purpose of the article is to conduct an analysis of the main trends in the development of the Russian fruit and vegetable market, in order to determine the priority areas of its operation...


Vegetables, fruits, import, export, sanctions

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IDR: 140248054   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2020-1-86-93

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