Analytization as a factor of interlingual grammatical lacunarity: unchangeable adjectives

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The article is written at the intersection of two ideas - lacunarity as a significant absence of a language element and the analytization of grammatical structure, leading to the typological restructuralization. The authors prove that interlingual grammatical lacunarity is caused by uneven processes of analyzing grammatical systems of different languages. The article deals with the processes of grammatical analytization that form interlingual lacunarityon the base ofunchangeable adjectives. It is concluded that in the Russian language, huge areas of undisputed grammatical synthetism, which include adjectives, are currently undergoing serious changes.


Lacunarity, analytization, invariant adjectives, grammar, russian language

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IDR: 148309774   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V925X.20.03.P.086

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