An effective field scale reservoir model for history matching and reservoir prediction. Part 2. Parametrical upscaling and calibration

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The history matching problem in connection to an effective reservoir model concept is defined as a multi-well data inversion problem for a class of process-driven deterministic reservoir models. A two-stage strategy of the production data inversion has been introduced and considered in detail. The strategy includes parametrical upscaling as a pre-processing part and model calibration as a final part. The computer aided approach has been recommended for the parametrical upscaling. It is based on combination of standard step-wise local optimization techniques and active expert-user interface. The fully automatic approach is suggested for the model calibration process. The relevant data inversion algorithm is developed, which combine multi-start strategies (Evolution and Simulated Annealing) with the multi-start mode of a gradient method. The pilot computer programs are created and tested on 2D testbed and on multidimensional synthetic prototypes of a real history matching problem. The results are analyzed based on set of parametrical upscaling and calibration sessions


History matching, production well data, inversion, upscaling, calibration, model specification, relative permeability

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IDR: 14294191

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