"Search-selection-analysis" algorithm of foreign sources of scientific and methodical information in sports

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Relevance. The article was prepared on the basis of the materials of the thematic plan for the applied research of the Research, Development and Engineering in physical education and sports as part of a state assignment for scientific organizations and higher education institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation for 2019-2021. The article describes the «search-selection-analysis» algorithm of special scientific and methodological materials, revealing the main areas of preparation of highly qualified foreign athletes in sports. The proposed algorithm includes a number of consecutive implementation steps: search and collection of sources of foreign periodicals and thematic resources of the Internet in an electronic form; expert analysis of abstracts and publications of the found articles and reviews from the formed databases by sports; expert selection of printed periodicals from generated databases, as well as materials from Internet resources by sports; translation into Russian of selected foreign materials by sport; analysis of the information received, including highlighting the most significant facts; systematization of analyzed materials...


Information search, foreign scientific and methodological materials, athletes training

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