Contemporary aspects of the optimization of regional housing policy

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In this article the contemporary aspects of the optimization and research of regional housing are discussed. The main trends and peculiarities of the strategy of housing policy's implementation are defined. The problem of the harmonization in the goals of the state housing policy and regional housing policy is discussed, providing analysis of the main directions and measures for its solution. The sphere of the state regulation of the housing market, the mechanisms of demand, supply and financing in the housing construction and housing sector are analyzed as a system of organizational, economic, industrial and management processes. The issue of administrative barriers in the housing construction is considered, as well as the latest changes in the administrative regulation and prospects of housing sector, housing construction, financing, public organizations and the state institutes of the housing policy. The trends of the rental housing market are also explained. The special attention is paid to the new opportunities in the interaction among state and regional authorities. Due to reciprocal influence in theoretical and methodological aspects, the most relevant research directions are analyzed in the article. The approaches include the concept of economic system, the analysis of the economic distortions in the investment regulation in the housing sector. The results allow suggesting ways and directions for optimizing housing policy, which would help to achieve the strategic goals of the regional economy.


Housing policy, social policy, state regulation, housing market, housing construction, strategy, regional development

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IDR: 14971344   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2014.4.2

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