Academic archaeology: between the past and the future

Автор: Makarov N. A.

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Статья в выпуске: 257, 2019 года.

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The jubilee of the Russian archaeology celebrated in 2019 put the history of creating research archaeological institutions in Russia, the contribution of Russian academic archaeology in accumulation of scientific knowledge on the past of Eurasia and the current status of archaeological science and preservation of historical heritage in our country on the discussion agenda. Achievements of Soviet archaeology and organizational principles of the archaeological sector developed earlier are not only the facts of history of science but also the foundation on which its modern infrastructure and its scientific program have been developing. However, despite apparent conservatism and its isolated position, the science dealing with antiquities has been changing rapidly and is now facing new challenges. New factors requiring adequate response include not only a larger scale of transformations in the historical environment rich with archaeological sites but also appearance of a technocratic model of archaeological resource management that has been squeezing out scientists from this area; a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary linkages requiring a broader cooperation between archaeology and natural sciences as well as maintenance of its own positions in global reconstructions of the human past.


History of archaeology, organization of archaeological research, archaeological heritage, humanities, institute of archaeology, institute for the history of material culture

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