Agrotechnologу of small-volume and non-soil intense light-culture in cucumber

Автор: Anikina L.M., Kononchuk P.Y., Sudakov V.L., Udalova O.R., Khomyakov Y.V.

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Статья в выпуске: 2 (35), 2017 года.

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Technology of intense light-culture has been developed to grow different crops under controlled environmental conditions with the use of specialized vegetation apparatus (VSU). In the specialized vegetation apparatus, designed to grow plants of cucumber, tomato and leafy crops, the formation of optimal light condition is constructively made with application of separate powerful lamps that have the same or different spectral quality irradiance, providing the high illuminance, 60-90 W/m2 PAR on cultivated plants. The vertical vegetation apparatus were used to develop technology of intense light-culture in cucumber. Three modifications of vertical vegetation apparatus differing in soil blocks and the way of nutrient supply to root habitation area were elaborated to grow the plants of cucumber. The development of cucumber plants in three apparatus modifications was carried out by one stem, where the growth was limited by the sizes of apparatus to 1.8 meter. The result of development of small-volume and non-soil technology of intense light-culture in cucumber was presented in the article. This technology provides high productivity of plant being grown and reduces the ecological problems related to waste treatment. The application of technology of intense light-culture in cucumber assists the plants to realize a biological potential and to reach the highest productivity. The observed plant products are of high quality without pesticides and other harmful contaminants. The nitrate content in young fruits was significantly lower the threshold allowable concentration (TAC). The basic principles of intense technology of light-culture can be used for economically profitable enterprises for production of raw material needs for pharmaceutical and perfumery industries, and to produce vitamin products in small volumes for kindergardens, hospitals, schools and private housekeeping.


Technologies, light-culture, cucumber plants, substrate, vegetation light-apparatus

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