Agro-food technology: the effect of the complex system. Part II

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Development of food technology in the last two decades, faced with a new negative phenomenon. The fact that this period - the time of stagnation of domestic production of food, the mass of imports and import equipment for the agricultural, processing and food technology. This significantly reduces the food security of Russia. One reason for this state of food production has methodological crisis in science and engineering, agribusiness country. The dialectical method considers the category of "system" in all its aspects, so a systematic approach to problem solving AIC Russia - this is not a fad, but the need for such an approach to the creation of technological systems. The effect of the same prize, arises in the construction of the highest forms of technological systems. Systematic approach should reveal the cause of the large systems, and the largest of their shape - complexes show the historical inevitability of their formation, dialectical process of development of these young but highly efficient units. We need to understand and realize that the system technological systems in agriculture - one of the most important factors of progress in the science of the production and processing of agricultural products. System process systems have completely new properties are not typical for either production technology of plant and animal products, nor for many of its processing technology. Thus, the complex is created for significant efficiency gains in food production. The purpose of the article - to reveal and analyze the effect of a complex system arising under the influence of various system factors, when combined into a single unit producing and processing agricultural technologies Russia.


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