Adaptation of hotels to changes in competitive environment

Автор: Cherkasova Antonina Alekseyevna

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Рубрика: Менеджмент и маркетинг

Статья в выпуске: 7 (54), 2014 года.

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The paper presents a comprehensive study of the theoretical foundations of hotel enterprises’ adaptation in a competitive environment, including the formulated the concept of adaptation in terms of management. The paper also identifies and describes three aspects of the term "adaptation" in relation to objects of the hospitality industry. The author formulats the concept of adaptive competitive strategies of hotel companies, describes the basic competitive strategy options proposed by M. Porter: absolute cost leadership, differentiation, focus, which, according to the author, are potentially successful. These competitive strategies contribute to a sustainable position of a company in the industry for the long term and to achieve advantages over competitors. The author of the article reveals major shortcomings in the formation of competitive strategies of adaptation for hotel companies and suggests a model for the formation of adaptive competitive strategy facilities for the hospitality industry, which relies on the process approach, including the separation of the primary process into a series of sub-processes that have data inputs and outputs. The use of this model for the formation and adjustment of competitive strategies will allow hotel companies to develop effective adaptation competitive strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable position, enabling to resist to the pressures of the competitive forces that must and can determine the competition in the industry, to provide a rapid response to external hotel business changes and to implement responsive actions, and which also can help existing hotel companies to withdraw from the zone of instability and competitively operate in not always positive environmental conditions and to ensure a competitive advantage and long-term effectiveness of the hospitality market.


Adaptation, competition, hotel enterprise

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IDR: 14057872   |   DOI: 10.12737/7467

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