Ab initio studies of hydrogen physisorption on clear and Li-doped carbon nanotubes

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The hydrogen adsorption on internal and external surfaces of clear and Li-doped carbon nanotubes of different radii are investigated to assess the effects of concavity and doping on hydrogen uptake and binding energy. We make density functional calculations with the exchange-correlation functionals PBE and CA. Modeling of H2 adsorption on clear carbon tubes shows that only in case of internal sorption on narrow (5,5) nanotube energy of adsorption fall within the desirable range of 300-400 meV per H2 molecule. But in this case hydrogen uptake is too low and constitutes about 1,6 wt %. Doping with Li atom increases the adsorption energy of hydrogen molecule by 30-100 meV and in case of external sorption this energy enlarges several times. Nevertheless, the optimal range of binding energy can be achieved only in case of hydrogen adsorption inside quite narrow (5,5) and (7,7) Li-doped nanotubes.


Carbon nanotubes, lithium sorption, hydrogen adsorption, first-principles calculations, density functional theory

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IDR: 147158941   |   DOI: 10.14529/mmph170208

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