1917: tragedy or triumph?

Автор: Shturba Viktor A., Shturba Evgeniy V., Astanina Larisa V.

Журнал: Историческая и социально-образовательная мысль @hist-edu

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Статья в выпуске: 6-2 т.9, 2017 года.

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The scientific journal "Historical and Social-Educational Idea" decided to approach the centenary of the revolutionary year of 1917 quite thoroughly: in the calendar year the journal published 30 important scientific articles by authors from research and educational institutions of Tokyo, Bishkek, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on- Don, Krasnodar, etc. In this review article, we present fairly brief results of very large-scale research projects, which can be found in more detail on the pages of the issues of the journal "Historical and Social-Educational Idea" for 2017 both in print and in electronic version: http://www.hist-edu.ru/hist/issue/archive. In this review article published texts on the revolutionary processes of 1917 are grouped according to the problem-thematic principle. Thus, a solid corpus of scientific texts make up the plot blocks of macrohistorical, international, regional, sociocultural, normative legal and personal measurements of turbulent, re-establishing Russian statehood, and not fully reflected 1917 year.


Revolution of 1917, power crisis, political cleavage, mass protests, sociocultural order, historical choice, re-establishment of russian statehood

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IDR: 14951913   |   DOI: 10.17748/2075-9908-2017-9-6/2-269-283

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